Digitally Confident Scotland – making change happen

By Beth Mukushi on 13th Sep 2018

In a previous role my monthly team meetings used to be PAINFUL.

  • Action list of over 30 items.
  • Long, boring individual updates.
  • People on their phones.

This could be so much better (I fumed).

So. I became a changemaker – I stole from the digital startup community and we introduced weekly 12 minute standup meetings.

The culture of the team started to shift - we were more energetic, took more ownership and were more engaged with what our colleagues were doing.

I know that there are changemakers working in charities across Scotland. I’ve been lucky to have met and worked with many of you. You share a desire to make things better - to work more effectively and to make the most of new opportunities.

On the 23rd October we would like you to join us for a celebration event – 'Digitally Confident Scotland – making it happen.' You will have the chance to share your stories, and draw inspiration from others.

Two years ago we published a Call to Action for the sector which was about why we need to embrace digital technology and approaches. We know that these messages have been taken on board and the next step is how to make the change happen.

There are lots of ways to start this journey, and lots of people who have gone before you and can share their triumphs (and the lessons they have learned). For example, Down Syndrome Scotland have changed their culture:

“We have stopped back to front thinking and have made a move to be more agile. Now with a culture of ‘ask forgiveness not seek permission’ staff are better able test approaches and try new things out” - Rory Gaffney, Head of Operations, Downs Syndrome Scotland.

Click here to book your ticket and boost your confidence and ability to lead change in your own organisation.